Monday, April 9, 2012


Let’s dance as one
in the Castle of our King
Celebrating His presence
Living as His Love
Joining hands
Basking in Union
There is no we
In this Palace of Truth
No walls, no divides
Universes whirl within us
In harmony, beauty, peace
Experience unlimited wonders
As Life sings in holy perfection
No stain of darkness
Can mar the purity
Of our vision
Onward and upward we twirl
The arms of our Beloved
Pull us gently to His Heart
Illuminating One Body
One exquisite Be-ing
Serene in movement
Lovely drops of His ocean
Waves swilling in His sea
Knowing glorious expansion
Sparkling within silence
Restful, graceful unfolding
Delights in endless fulfillment

By, Saleema

Oh Sufi,
There are signs to show the way.

Emperor Penguins endure
icy gales, night-like days,
nestling an egg on
their belly and feet.
Starving, exhausted,
they guard their charge.

Oh Sufi,
is your heart as strong?

Can you hold precious
innocence, amidst
worldly squalls that
try to steal your joy?
Is your forbearance equal
to the Emperor Penguins’?

Oh Sufi,
find the northern lights.

They peek into your heart
cutting through ravenous
darkness and sunless days.
Al Noor melts the tundras
that obscure the Presence
of your innate tranquility.

By, Saleema

Friday, November 11, 2011


Rain drops rush

down my window.

Each one sparkles

clear perfection.

Circular shapes

move before me

turning, sliding,

swirling into streaks

that caress the glass.

Rainy day pageants

brighten my heart.

By, Saleema E. Giltinan

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


It’s not easy to rise

covered in the mud of failure

and take another step.

It’s not easy to dwell

in sorrow

when a dream disappears.

Determination and surrender

form the bridge

that leads from despair

to hope and peace.

Step by step we climb,

until our destiny unfolds.

by, Saleema E. Giltinan

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Horse Rights?

It’s Business

Clipity clop, clip pity clop.

Equus, majestic beauty,

you pull carriages

for oblivious tourists

who enjoy a ride

that allows you to be

enslaved, used by those

who ignore empty eyes

and steal your freedom.

Enthralled by profit,

coveting ease, earth’s

guardians become tormentors.

Saleema E. Giltinan Copyright@2011-4-4

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What is a Human Being?

Inspiring thoughts from Jacob Needleman.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Calm Mind


Earth doesn’t have to be a
scary place
where “what if’s” snare joy
and gnaw at peace.
The world can be a
gentle space
where beauty thrives and
Love’s Presence silences
all that threatens her